An installation of D-NET including the services required to deploy a repository aggregation infrastructure can be found here:
Specifically, the installation contains the services and workflows require for:

  • Collection of metadata records in oai_dc format via OAI-PMH, FTP, local file system, HTTP.
  • Transformation of the collected metadata records into an internal format named DMF (Driver Metadata Format)
  • Indexing of DMF records in a Solr full-text index
  • OAI-PMH export of aggregated metadata records in DMF and oai_dc formats. More formats can be added at runtime by providing a dedicated XSLT from DMF to the desired target format.

If you are interested to play with the full software toolkit, understand its internals, please contact D-NET is Open Access, we are open to share our codebase and contributors are more than welcome.