Data Provision Area

The Data Provision Area includes the services needed to form end-user applications operating over an information space of data stored according to the services provided in the Data Storage and Indexing Area (graph store, relational database, full-text index, or metadata store). Such applications expose search and browse functionalities, but can also include advanced facilities such as end-user profiling, recommendation systems, data collection management, statistics, etc.  and to export data to third-party systems. Moreover, the Area includes services which expose the information space to third-party consuming systems through several standard protocols.

In particular, the services are:

  • Generic Portal Service
  • End-User Profiling Service
  • Recommendation Service
  • Collection Service
  • OAI-PMH Service. The service exports content in a D-NET relational database through the OAI-PMH protocol, where tables represent OAI sets. The records are exported in an internal XML format, which can be re-mapped onto preferred export formats through XSLTs.     
  • OAI-ORE Service. The service is designed to export content from the D-NET Database Service (more generally from JDBC compatible relational databases) as RDF ORE aggregations or PMH XML record collections. The tool supports UIs for end users to graphically identify the graph of entities in their database and select the ones they would like to export as ORE aggregations or PMH collections and instantiates the relative ORE URL entry point. The tool is specifically devised to simplify the export process from data sources which are not equipped with OAI interfaces (APIs) and would like to contribute their content to aggregation services (e.g., Europeana and its satellite projects).